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FAQS for Home Deliveries

Is there a minimum order requirement?
No we don’t require a minimum order total, although we don’t just deliver bread or milk!

What is the delivery charge?
Free! We don’t charge you for delivering but would appreciate your consideration that we are a small family run business 

How do I pay?
All online transactions will be directed to our payment partner, called Stripe. They do not accept American Express. Please ensure that you tick the terms and conditions box before going to the payment option and enter all card details correctly. Issues with the payment and error messages at this step often arise from either incorrectly entering your card details or trying to use a card that is accepted on the Stripe Platform. Please contact us with any questions. 
​If you need support inputting an online order please contact us for support. 

I wont be in when the order is due to be delivered, what shall I do? 

If you are not going to be on your delivery day then let us know when you place your order where a safe place is for the driver to leave your order and we will do our best to protect it from the elements. Just leave a comment in the comments box when ordering or drop us an email with your Order Number on. 

Refer a Friend Promotion

As a thank you for all the kind reviews & feedback you have given us, we would like to offer you the chance to receive £5 off your order. 

How does it work? Just log in to your account and click on REFER A FRIEND at the bottom left of the page.  This will take you to a screen which asks for your details and your friend's email address.  Enter your name and email then their name and email and add a note for them if you want so they know that the offer is from you.  Press Submit.

 What Happens Next? 

  • You will then receive an email from us with a discount code which will become active once your friend has registered an account and placed an order. 


  • Your friend will receive an email with a discount code which they will be able to activate if they register an account with us and place an order for £20 or over.  Then if they input the code under Coupon Code at the checkout they will get £5 off that delivery. 


  • You will then receive another email which informs you that your £5 discount code is now live.  You can now input this under Coupon Code in the checkout when you place your next order.


How many friends can I refer? 

You can refer as many friends as you want however each friend will only be able to use the code once.  You will receive £5 off a delivery for each referred friend who places an order with us.  You can only use each code once.

How will I know if my order has been received?
You will receive a confirmation email saying we have your order and further confirmation that your order has been processed. If you don’t receive either of these notifications then please email for support.

Checking your order

Before you pay for your order please make sure you double check your basket contents ensuring you have included all the items and correct quantities required. If you discover a user error after your delivery has been received then please contact us for a solution. If we are able to collect the items we will put a credit note onto your account to use against future orders. For any refunds that are user errors you will be charged a 2% admin fee which is what we are charged by the online payment company for transactions. 

Will the driver call before they drop off my order?

The driver will knock on the door, if you are not going to be in please leave delivery instructions in the comments box. We are unable to enter properties due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

My order has arrived but there is an item missing.

If you discover that there is a problem with your order, please follow the details on the online shop or email explaining what was missing. We will endeavour to get the product out to you but if this isn't possible we will add a credit to your account to use against a future order. 

My order has arrived but there is a problem with a product.

If you discover that there is a problem with your order please follow the instructions on the online shop outlining the issue or email along with your order number explaining what has happened and we will get back to you. We can either swap the produce or apply a credit to your account to use against a future order.  

How can I return a product, there is nothing wrong with it?

Please give us a ring on 0115 7841579. This is at the manager's discretion based upon the product wanting to be returned and reasons why. Please note we have the right to charge a 2% admin fee. 

What if I need to cancel my order?

Our produce is delivered daily by our suppliers based upon the order requirements.  If you no longer require your delivery then we can only accept cancellations the day before your delivery is due. Unfortunately, if you cancel after this time we will not be able to accept any cancellation requests and will deliver your order.   

Can I set up a regular delivery day?

Of course, however, we know that you might want to change what you need based upon what you are cooking that week or what is in season. Therefore, we encourage our customers to order what they would like each week. We will always have a slot available so don’t panic about reserving a delivery day. We just ask that you order before your delivery day window closes.

I need to make an amendment to my order; how can I do this?

If you are still within the time window for your delivery day then please add a new order onto the system for what you need. If your delivery window has closed please contact for support. We will set up a separate order for you for the additional items, however, we do not have the facility to take online payment for these items so you will receive an invoice with your delivery and details how you can pay for these items. 

I am trying to place an order for tomorrow; however, the delivery day isn't available. What can I do? 
We require your order a minimum of 30 hours in advance of your chosen delivery day. The options change after midnight so please be aware when placing an order of this cut off time. If in doubt please contact us at and we can check your address against our delivery areas

I've selected the wrong delivery day; how can I change this? 

We purchase produce to order based upon your order requirements. We may not be able to change your delivery day if the cut off time has passed. Please contact us to discuss any changes, please note this is at our discretion and could come with a 2% admin charge. 

How do I see the credit applied to my account? 

You will only be able to view the credit applied to your account by logging into your account; entering an order as a guest wont show you this. Any credit available will appear at the checkout.

Do you offer set boxes?

You can find set boxes on the online shop under “Boxes”, we offer three options.

I want to collect my order from your retail shop, can I still do this?

Yes of course you can, in the Delivery Details section click on collection along with your preferred day to collect. Please check out our Social Media Pages for their opening times.

Why have I not received a confirmation email saying that my order has been successful?

Please check that your email address was entered correctly, and you ticked the box to agree to receiving notifications from us. Also double your junk mail. If you still don't have a confirmation email then contact us along with your order number at and we can check our systems. 

I keep getting a Lost in Session Error Message what does it mean? 

This is an error with your chosen payment card so double check you have entered the card details correctly or try a different card. If you still get the same error message, then email us your order number and we will manually take payment over the phone with you.

I can't find an item when searching? 

The best way to search for produce is using the green bar, however, if you are using the search facility then just enter a few characters of the product you are looking for eg: oni for onion and the full list of what we have available should appear. 

What days are Tough Mary products available? 

Tough Mary products are available for delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Do you have a list of ingredients for the bakery produce?

Please click here for the allergen information for our bakery items.

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